Landscape Gardens

Landscape gardens, also known as “softscapes,” can bring your home or business to life. By capitalizing on the natural beauty of gardens, bushes, trees, and lawns, the lush and welcome quality offered by softscapes are essential to any landscape design.

If you’re looking for expert landscape gardening, look no further than R&R Enterprises. Our experienced team of designers, horticulturists, and arborists is ready to give your landscape the makeover it deserves. Best of all, we offer a wide array of softscape services and styles, so whether it’s edible forests or perfectly manicured walkways you’re seeking, we’ve got you covered. Serving greater Milwaukee area residential and commercial properties for over 20 years, you can count on R&R Enterprises for high quality landscape gardening time and time again.

Why Choose Landscape Gardening?

There are a number of benefits to installing a softscape in your property, including:

  • Natural Shade: Softscapes are perfect for edging and protecting your property. Whether you’d like a bit more privacy or simply protection from the hot summer sun, landscaping foliage is the solution.
  • Visual Appeal: The natural elegance of landscape gardens makes them an extremely popular choice for both homes and businesses. By working with professional designers to create the perfect softscape, your property will exude elegance and beauty.
  • Property Value: Landscape gardening can do wonders for your property value. By adding a feature to your property that is both beautiful and functional, softscapes can increase its value by as much as 20 percent!
  • Growing Food: Going beyond beauty, you can select softscaping materials that will stock up your fridge. If your property utilizes the aesthetic benefits of plants and trees already, why not have delicious fruits and vegetables at the same time?

What Landscape Gardening Services are Offered?

R&R Enterprises will work closely with you to understand your specific landscape dreams and ideas. During a free initial consultation, we will consider all of the various landscape gardening services available to you, including:

Best of all, R&R Enterprises is committed to taking any and all work off of your plate by leading every aspect of the landscape gardening project, including design, layout, scheduling, ordering materials, installation, and maintenance.

Your Trusted Landscape Gardening Partner

There is no softscaping project too big or complex for R&R Enterprises. No matter the size or scale of your landscape vision, we have the experience and equipment for a job well done. Plus, we consider our customers to be like family. We believe that our work isn’t finished until you are completely satisfied. For affordable, high-quality landscape gardening services, R&R Enterprises is the right choice for you! Contact us by using our online contact form or by calling us at 414-349-5214. We’re available by phone Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.