Landscape Plants

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Landscaping Plants

When creating the landscape garden of your dreams, selecting the right plants is crucial. For every topsoil type, landscape terrain, and aesthetic desire, there is a perfect plant. The hard part is knowing which plant that is—and that is where the horticultural experts of R&R Enterprises can help.

For more than 20 years, R&R Enterprises has been assisting home and business owners across southeastern Wisconsin to select and install plants that are just right for their landscapes. As seasoned landscape designers and plant aficionados, we are proud to have beautified countless properties with greenery of all types.

Which Plants are Right for Your Landscape?

Different plants serve different purposes within your landscape. There are benefits to each type of plant, including:

  • Trees: The most important consideration for trees is size; a tree that grows over or into your building will likely need to be taken down, while a tiny tree may not provide the look or shade you were hoping for. Because trees take years to fully mature, it is crucial that you understand the expected size before planting. Popular trees for Wisconsin landscapes include birch, buckeye, oak, birch, and serviceberry.
  • Shrubs: Whether you’re looking to create a hedge or line your building with foliage, shrubs are your best bet. As with trees, it is vital to select shrubs of appropriate size. Depending on your preferred visual aesthetic, you can find shrubs that produce beautiful flowers, as well as those that stay green year-round. The most common types of shrubs in our area are boxwood, roses, holly, yew, and hydrangea.
  • Vines: Prolific and versatile, vines can either be a gardener’s best friend or most fearsome foe. Because vines can grow just about anywhere, many are invasive. Yet, used carefully, vines can be the perfect disguise for an old fence, a wonderful source of food for wildlife, and simply nice to look at. When choosing landscaping vines, most Wisconsin gardeners opt for black-eyed Susan’s, trumpet vine, passion flower, and crossvine.
  • Ground cover: Offering the best of both worlds, many ground cover plants simultaneously protect soil from erosion while blooming with gorgeous flowers. Even those that don’t flower often have leaves of elegant shapes, colors, and shine. Common decorative ground covers in Wisconsin include ginger, lily-of-the-valley, hen-and-chicks, and creeping thyme.
  • Perennials: Many flower gardeners swear by perennials, simply because they do not require yearly replanting like their annual counterparts. While there are countless perennials to pick from, ones that especially thrive in our region are coneflowers, sage, butterfly weed, Virginia bluebells, geraniums, and sedums.
  • Annuals: While they require more consistent tending than perennials, some of the most vibrant and food-abundant plants out there fall into the annuals category. Plus, they tend to be cheaper and can be selected to grow when you want them to, where you want them to. Common Wisconsin annuals include tulips, marigolds, impatiens, begonias, and herbs and vegetables of all kinds.

Professional Landscape Planting

If you’re not entirely sure which plants are best for your garden landscape, the helpful team at R&R Enterprises is here for you. With your specific property and ideas in mind, our expert gardeners will help you at every step of the way. Best of all, R&R Enterprises thinks of our customers like family, so we won’t be satisfied until you are. To learn more about our top-notch, budget-friendly landscape plant services, choose R&R Enterprises! Contact us by using our online contact form or by calling us at 414-349-5214.

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