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Landscape Trees

One element of any landscaping project that is frequently overlooked is the proper choice, location, and care of trees & shrubs. R&R Enterprises has used our vast knowledge, experience, and attention to detail to beautify many yards in the Milwaukee area, and we’re particularly proud of our landscape trees & shrub work.

Any landscaping project needs to include some trees and shrubs, this fact is well known. However, many homeowners don’t put in the time to properly plan their trees and shrubs, including the placement and species, to maximize the area’s flow, properly support the other foliage, increase security, and add a unique flair to the property.

What value can trees & shrubs add to my property?

  • Design: Trees and shrubs can be utilized in the landscape design to guide the eye, as well as lend an improved sense of flow to the area. When planted in a garden adjacent to a deck or retaining wall, trees and shrubs serve as a transitional element between the wood or concrete and the lawn, while hiding less attractive elements such as footings or even electrical outlets. Trees and shrubs also can add a pop of color and texture, livening up areas that would otherwise have a flat appearance.
  • Safety: Particularly for older adults or young children, it’s important to have a logical and readily apparent pathway from your house and around your outdoor areas. Lining those walkways and pathways with shrubs is an attractive way to guide your guests around your property.
  • Security: With the right trees and shrubs planted adjacent to your house, particularly under windows, potential criminals will likely be deterred from even attempting to get close to your property.
  • Uniqueness: There are many types of beautiful, easy to care for trees and shrubs which are underutilized and simply not seen much in our area. Consult with us and we’ll give you ideas for ways to make your property stand out.

The best in trees & shrubs

R&R Enterprises has the knowledge and skill needed to create beautiful and unique landscape designs that last for many years. We’re available for new installations, revitalizing old landscaping, or to take your landscaped yard to the next level in terms of style and function.

We’re eager to hear from you and get started on your unique project. Contact us by using our online contact form or by calling us at 414-349-5214.

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