Landscape Sod

There are many reasons why planting a new lawn may not be an option. In some cases, the property needs to be prepared for sale to meet a deadline in order to stay within budget. For families with children or pets, life often doesn’t allow time for new grass to grow. If you need a thick, lustrous lawn immediately, sodding is your answer. And if you need to ensure the sod establishes itself correctly on your lot, you need an expert to install it. For sod installation in the Milwaukee area, R&R Enterprises is your sod expert.

R&R Enterprises is a full-service landscaping company with decades of experience with all aspects of landscaping work. This experience gives us a holistic view of all projects, which comes in handy when it comes to sod installation.

When installing sod, the preparation of the subsoil is nearly as important as the installation itself. An improperly prepared substrate can result in a range of problems, from failure to establish completely, to a pitted and uneven lawn. It’s important to pay attention to your landscaper’s prep work for this job. When you choose R&R for your sod installation job, we’ll detail our process with you to ensure you have full confidence in our work before we put a spade in the ground.

Sod Installation

Although sod is more expensive than seeding a new lawn, there is a host of benefits to a lawn of well-installed sod:

Your new lawn is thick, beautiful and ready for use in a single day in many cases.
High-quality sod, like the locally-sourced sod used by R&R Enterprises, is nearly weed-free. This gives you an established lawn that is healthy and thick enough to prevent additional weed germination, right from the start.
A newly-planted lawn can take several seasons to achieve the density of the grass in a newly-sodded lawn.
Seeding a new lawn requires diligent maintenance and, most importantly, staying off of the seed for many weeks. Sod gives your family a ready-to-use yard, instantly.


If you are in the Muskego and surrounding areas and need sod installation, call us today and we’ll get your lawn ready for your family to enjoy. We’re eager to hear from you and get started on your unique project. Contact us by using our online contact form or by calling us at 414-349-5214.

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